Don't believe everything you read in the papers.
walking the dog
Someday, maybe we'll meet all the dogs in New York City. Here are a few to start.
hitting the bottle
Exploring a current fascination with bottles.
small in japan: let's be friends
Paintings for a show. The gallery will be holding pet adoption events/fundraisers during the exhibition.
small in japan: what's in the box?
Works on recycled cereal box cardboard for a gallery show in Tokyo
not for love or money
$. €. £. ¥. Who doesn't love loot?
the price of ink
Is beauty really only skin deep?
pet shop
A selection of our animal inspired art from our Redbubble "Pet Shop" collection.
free kittens
Part of our pet projects series.
once upon a time in the west
Part of a continuing project.
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